Citrix TCPA Settlement

This official website is maintained by the Settlement Administrator supervised by Class Counsel in the action entitled, Boger v Citrix Systems, Inc. Case No. 8:19-cv-01234 (the “Action”), pending in the United States District Court for The District of Maryland.

The information contained on this web page is only a summary of information presented in more detail in the Notice of Class Action and Proposed Settlement (the “Notice”). You may download a full copy of the Notice by clicking here or you may call the Citrix TCPA Settlement Helpline at 877-388-1760 to request a copy of the Notice by mail. Since this website is just a summary, you should review the Notice for additional details.

• A settlement (“Settlement”) has been proposed in the class action lawsuit referenced above pending in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland (“Action”). You may be a class member in the proposed Settlement and may be entitled to participate in the proposed Settlement.

• The United States District Court for the District of Maryland has ordered the issuance of the Notice in this Action. Citrix Systems, Inc. (“Citrix”) denies it did anything wrong and has defended itself throughout the lawsuit. The Court has not decided who is right. Both sides have agreed to settle the dispute to avoid burdensome and costly litigation.

• If the Court gives final approval to the Settlement, Citrix will create a fund of $2,750,000. If you submit a valid Claim Form, you may be eligible to obtain a share from this fund in the amount of approximately $30-$60 depending on the number of claims that are submitted. The value of a Settlement Class Member’s individual award will depend upon the number of Settlement Class Members who file valid Claim Forms.

SUBMIT A CLAIM FORM This is the only way to get an award under the Settlement. To file a claim online Click Here. To download a claim form to be submitted by mail, Click Here. DEADLINE: MAY 3, 2023
EXCLUDE YOURSELF If you exclude yourself from the Settlement, you will not receive an award under the Settlement. Excluding yourself is the only option that allows you to bring or maintain your own lawsuit regarding the allegations in the Action ever again. Please see section 14 of the Notice. DEADLINE: MAY 3, 2023
OBJECT You may write to the Court about why you object to (i.e., don’t like) the Settlement and think it shouldn’t be approved. Submitting an objection does not exclude you from the Settlement. Please see section 15 of the Notice. DEADLINE: MAY 3, 2023
GO TO THE "FAIRNESS HEARING" The Court will hold a “Fairness Hearing” to consider the Settlement, the request for attorneys’ fees and costs of the lawyers who brought the Action, and the Representative Plaintiff’s request for a service award for bringing the Action.

You may, but are not required to, speak at the Fairness Hearing about any objection you submitted to the Settlement. If you intend to speak at the Fairness Hearing, you must also submit a “Notice of Intention to Appear” to the Court and the parties’ attorneys, indicating your intent to do so.

TIME: 2:00 PM
DO NOTHING You will not receive a Settlement award under the Settlement. You will also give up your right to object to the Settlement, and you will be not be able to be part of any other lawsuit about the legal claims in this case. N/A

• These rights and options—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained in more detail in the Notice of Class Action and Proposed Settlement.

• The Court in charge of this Action has preliminarily approved the Settlement and must decide whether to give final approval to the Settlement. The relief provided to Settlement Class Members will be provided only if the Court gives final approval to the Settlement and, if there are any appeals, after the appeals are resolved in favor of the Settlement. Please be patient.